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Iā€™m so glad I found this Japanese steak house in Azabujuban. I loved everything about it from the minute I walked in for lunch a few days ago. The opulent interior, the relaxed atmosphere, the wonderful service all contributed to an excellent lunch.


The lunch set menu is quite reasonably prized, starting at a little over 5000 yen per person but prices go up at dinner to over 10.000 yen because they serve higher grade wagyu for dinner.

The first course was a delicious cawan mushi (egg custard) with some beef sashimi.

First course

The second course was a lovely creamy potato soup with just the right amount of texture.

Azuman 3.jpg

The second course

Followed by the meat which is cooked at your table. There is also an option for counter seats which might be interesting for smaller groups.

aZUMAN 4.jpg

The meat course

The kind-looking chef that serves at the bar comes to your table to cook your meat to perfection for you. You have a choice of three sauces to pick from.


The chef

What I also loved about this restaurant was the fact that the chef was actually excited to see me take pictures of his food, unlike many upscale restaurants in Tokyo who I feel are unnecessarily strict about taking pictures. This chef actually offered to garnish my meat to make my picture more interesting.


The beef with a touch of red garnish courtesy of the chef

One course gets about six lovely chunks of meat followed by some very interesting garlic rice that is served in a soup.


The garlic rice

Last is a wonderful chocolate cake for dessert which was irresistible . I finished the whole piece.


The chocolate dessert