Brooklyn Parlor


Address: B1 SHINJUKU MARUI ANNEX, 3-1-26,

Phone: +813-6457-7763


Once in a blue moon, I’d walk into a place and immediately fall in love with it. Then I’d sit down and fall in love with it even more. Such was the case with Brooklyn Parlor, a cafe and bar located in the basement of the Marui Annex in Shinjuku.

brooklyn 1.jpg

People say it is supposed to be a bar because of their famous Brooklyn Lager beer. To me it feels more like a cozy cafe. The interior is spacious and warm with brick walls, high ceilings for Japanese standards and lines of bookshelves. You really feel like you are in a cafe somewhere in New York, or Brooklyn for that matter. The waiters speak english and there is an english menu.

We were given seats at a set of outworn leather sofas in the middle of the establishment. Nice and comfy.

It was in the middle of the afternoon when we visited, but I was hungry so we ordered some buffalo wings, the sandwich of the day which they called the French dip sandwich and the Quiche. The  food was really good and I will definitely come back to try their more extensive dinner menu.


What I loved was their coffee menu. I’m a latte girl and the more options in the coffee menu, the happier I am. I tried their coconut latte which tasted unique and was simply delightful.

What I found most pleasant about Brooklyn Parlor was the room temperature. Most restaurants and cafes in Tokyo have the heat blasting so high you feel you’re in a sauna after 15 minutes and can’t wait to leave. Here, the temperature was just right, I could have sat there for hours ( which I did ).

I would definitely recommend this cafe to anyone who needed a place to chill in Shinjuku.