Chao Bamboo




Phone: +813-5466-4787


I love this little place hidden in a corner of an alley in Omotesando. It has become my go-to place whenever I crave Asian food. I wouldn’t really call it a restaurant. Its more like a food stall with tables and chairs, and the rather ‘dirty’ and un-Japanese vibe kind of reminds me off the food stalls back home.


Their menu is quite extensive and has all sorts of rice and noodle dishes from South East Asian countries.


My favorite are their noodle dishes. The Pho is delicious. When I’m in the mood for rice I go for the Indonesian Fried Rice (nasi goreng). The food is greasy and spicy just the way I like it and most important of all, almost everything on the menu is under 1000 yen.


I would not recommend paying this food stall a visit in summer. I tried it once and left drenched in sweat like I’ve just stepped out of a sauna.

To get to Chao Bamboo walk past the Chanel building in the Harajuku direction and turn left on the second alley after the Chanel building. You’ll see the sign at the end of the alley.