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At first I was somewhat skeptical of this sushi restaurant hidden in a small alley in Roppongi. The website was very english friendly and a lot of tourists wrote reviews about this restaurant that I was slightly afraid it would be a tourist trap. Luckily this was not the case.


Fukuzushi entrance


Fukuzushi terrace

Although not exactly traditional, Fukuzushi’s design is rather unique with lots of Japanese ornaments greeting you at the terrace before you enter into their dining space with a sushi bar and a few tables.


Fukuzushi interior

There are a few lunch sets to choose from. A standard Nigiri (10 pieces of sushi set), chirashi (assorted sashimi with rice in a box) and anagojyu (grilled sea eels and chopped omelet with rice in a box) costs around 2625 yen. A tekkadon (tuna sashimi with rice in a box) costs 3675 yen and A premium nigiri or chirashi costs 4725 yen.

I decided to try the premium nigiri sushi set while my friends decided to go a la carte.


The appetizers


The sushi set


The accompanying miso soup


The aburitoro (burned tuna sushi) and toro sushi ala carte

I have to say that the quality of sushi was way up there. It was extremely fresh and delightful. Everything on my plate was savory especially the toro,uni and anago.

If you ordered a set menu then you are escorted into the next room for some coffee and dessert which was a small almond pudding with caramel sauce.


The dessert

I’m really glad I decided to visit this restaurant. Here not only do we get exquisite sushi, the service is friendly. There are no old sushi masters glaring down grudgingly at you as you swallow your sushi, here the sushi chef actually speaks English and is genuinely happy to converse with you. Its really nice to be in an environment where everybody understands you for a change. So, if you are in town and looking for some moderately priced good sushi, this would be the perfect place.