Jumbo Shirokane



Phone : +813-5795-4129


Hail to the King of all Yakiniku

If you asked me to pick only one favorite restaurant in all of Tokyo, this would be it. Jumbo Yakiniku. The one place that never ceases to put a smile on my face. My comfort food. The place I run to after a long flight, to gain energy whenever I feel weak, to lift my spirit whenever I feel down.

shirokane 1.jpg

Now, the reason it has taken me so long to write a post about this favorite restaurant of mine is because I either forgot to bring a camera, or I am so excited when the food comes that I forget to take pictures until the food is half-finished. Today, I not only made sure I had my camera with me but also reminded myself to take pictures before I dive in.

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Jumbo is nestled in a quiet neighbourhood in Shirokanedei. It might not be easy to find so taking a taxi is a good option. It’s a relaxed restaurant and be sure to wear a simple outfit as you will definitely come out smelling of smoke and meat.

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The way they sell their meat is by body part of the cow. Its not Kobe beef but grade A5 Wagyu. I’ve tried them all and the best part is the Misuji which is a thinly sliced meat that you are supposed to barbeque for 3 seconds on each side and eat half-cooked, and the Zabuton which is a thicker sliced meat yet unbelievably tender which you are supposed to barbeque for 5 seconds each side. You have a choice of sauce or just salt. Both are good but I seem to prefer the sauce better. Eat the meat with the bowl of hot rice and all is good.

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Now their kim chi and green salad are also delicious. For dessert, ask for the vanilla soft ice cream which comes with shredded corn flakes or waffles. Now, this I forgot to take a picture off.

This hearty  dinner will set you back about 3000 to 5000 yen per person depending on how much meat your tummy can take. Believe me, its worth it.