Les Creations De Narisawa




Phone: +813-5785-0799


This has got to be one of the most creative French-Japanese restaurants in town.  Chef Narisawa always awes me with his many creations, inspired by nature. Dining here is always a treat.

narisawa 1.jpg

This time, we had the summer menu with its many gifts.

narisawa 2.jpg

As always, we are presented with the bread dough which looks like a mousse like dish. I almost ate it raw on my first visit. Lucky the waiter stopped me.

narisawa 3.jpg

The bread dough

And this is how they bake the bread dough, in a forest of leaves.

narisawa 4.jpg

The dough is then placed in a hot stone bowl and left to bake..

narisawa5 .jpg

Until it becomes this most delicious bread ever.

narisawa 6.jpg

And check out their butter. Simply love this.

narisawa 7.jpg

Butter made to look like a plant

All this was happening while we were being served our first courses which consists of water with tastes of wood, some fried fish and fried onions that actually looked like dark stones placed on a leaf.

narisawa 8.jpg

The wood tasting water

narisawa 9.jpg

The fish

narisawa 10.jpg

The fried onions

The fish and fried onions were absolutely delicious. The water I thought tasted rather strange. Then came the monkfish course which consisted of some soup and fried monkfish.

narisawa 11.jpg

Wild vegetable soup

narisawa 12.jpg

Fried Monkfish

Some white asparagus came to follow with a delicious hollandaise sauce. Heavenly.

narisawa 13.jpg

White asparagus slightly baked with hollandaise sauce

Next course : Oysters with onions. Absolutely delectable.

narisawa 14.jpg

Followed by another fish course.


Tha Garupa

And the last part of the main course the Hida beef.

narisawa 16.jpg

The hida beef

To clean your palate before dessert, a delicious grapefruit sorbet-like juice is served.

narisawa 17.jpg

The grapefruit juice

Dessert is chocolate fondant.

narisawa 18.jpg

Chocolate fondant

I’m not one to finish my dessert during dinner but here, I just could not help myself. We are nowhere near finished with the sweets just yet. You have your pick of sweet delights from their dessert tray. I suggest you pick one of each.

The dessert tray

Nope, not done yet. You still have a choice of mini macaroons to bite on with your tea or coffee.

narisawa 20.jpg

Mini macaroons

As always, we had a wonderful time. Narisawa’s meals are definitely a work of art, not only a feast for the eyes and taste buds, but also a feast for the soul.