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Now, if you are from Indonesia, you will probably have a smile on your face right now because the name if this yakiniku restaurant in Roppongi is the same as a Japanese porn star who is absolutely huge in Indonesia. She may be relatively unknown in Japan, but in Indonesia, she’s a mega star. Of course she probably has nothing to do with this restaurant I’m going to write about, but still, I entered Miyabi with a smile.

miyabi 1.jpg

The beef in Miyabi is cut a little bit more chunkier than what we are used to at other yakiniku restaurants. For first timers, it’s better to order their sampler set where they present you with different parts of the cow.

miyabi 2.jpg

After trying the different parts, it’s a good idea to take notes of their names so you can order what you like next time.


After barbecuing the beef, you eat it with one of the two dipping sauces they provide you or with some wasabi. One sauce is a vinegar sauce which is good with the fatty meat and the other is a sweet sauce which I love.

miyabi 4.jpg

The beef was delicious and another good thing about this place is that it’s not that expensive. It costs less than my favorite Jumbo yakiniku. The special set cost about 4,500 yen per peson but they have many courses for less.