Monsoon Cafe



Phone: +813-5489-3789


Decided to try this interesting looking restaurant in Daikanyama for lunch today. I loved their relaxed, eclectic interior and they had a decent Asian lunch menu.

Monsoon 1.jpg
Monsoon 2.jpg

For 850 yen, I had a choice of green curry with rice, pho, Thai style chicken basil with rice, pad thai or pan-fried noodles. For an extra 350 yen you could get a lunch set with a salad buffet, some appetizers and dessert. Since it was a bit chilly outside I chose the pho lunch set and here is what I got :

Monsoon 3.jpg

The salad with sesame dressing

Monsoon 4.jpg

The appetizer plate

Monsoon 5.jpg

I have to say the food was really delicious and the prices wonderfully reasonable. I will definitely be coming back to sample some other dishes in the future.

Monsoon 6.jpg