Nobu Tokyo



Phone: +813-5733-0070

People always ask me about Nobu in Tokyo. They wonder if it’s menu is similar to its more famous counterparts in Los Angeles or New York or anywhere else in the world. Is it good ? Is it worth a visit ?. So, I decided to give it try.

Nobu 1.jpg

When I entered the restaurant on the 1st floor of the Toranomon building near Hotel Okura, it immediately reminded me of the Nobu on 57th street in New york. The interior is very much alike with black and dark honey colored wood and more than half of the patrons of the restaurant were foreigners.

Nobu 2.jpg

The menu I found to be somewhat different. I could not find the regular Nobu hits like the hamachi jalapeño or the spicy tuna salad. I did however find the black miso cod-fish.

They had a choice of lunch sets and I chose the lightest one which costs around 4700 yen.

For appetizer we had a choice of either seafood tartar or a peruvian ceviche which is like a seafood salad.

Nobu 3.jpg

The Peruvian ceviche

Nobu 4.jpg

The seafood tartar

The ceviche tasted better than the seafood tartar.

Main course was a choice between meat and fish. I chose the meat and it was good. Nothing extraordinary, but delicious nonetheless.


The main course

Five pieces of sushi came to follow. The sushi was just so-so. You could get better at any simple sushi place in town.


Five pieces of sushi

We decided to have a little fun with our sushi dishes.

Nobu 7.jpg

Sushi Galore

For dessert, since there were 4 of us at the table, they decided to give us each a different dessert dish. Now this was all good.

Nobu 8.jpg

Vanilla cheese cake

The cream rolls

Nobu 10.jpg

The mango pudding

Nobu 11.jpg

The waffles with vanilla ice cream

To answer the questions above, my verdict would be, if you are only visiting Tokyo for a short period of time then I would skip this place. There are so many other restaurants with more authentic Japanese food to try. But if you live in Tokyo then hey, why not, give this restaurant a visit. Its got good atmosphere, good service and good food.