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Its been a busy week for me in terms of over-indulging my taste buds. I’ve been out and about, trying some new restaurants and I’m really excited about sharing this yakiniku restaurant I discovered in Shiodome. I loved it !. Seiyuuzan is located on the 41st floor of the Shiodome City Center building with magnificent views and a warm, rich ambiance. It’s a good place to bring guests and the prices are quite reasonable.

Our first course was a beef tartar called ‘yuke’. I don’t eat raw meat that much and have never been a big fan of any kind of beef tartar but this ‘yuke’ tasted absolutely fresh and delicious.


Yuke (Beef tartar)

Then came a crunchy fresh salad.

seiyuuzan 2.jpg

Followed by the best gyu (tongue) I’ve ever tried. So soft and sumptuous.

seiyuuzan 3.jpg

The beef tongue

Seiyuuzan 4.jpg

Sizzling Sumptuousness

A series of beef cuts in all size, thickness and tenderness followed.

Seiyuuzan 5.jpg
Seiyuuzan 6.jpg
Seiyuuzan 7.jpg
Seiyuuzan 8.jpg

I was really impressed by the ox tail soup that came next.

Seiyuuzan 9.jpg

And the mango sorbet we had for dessert wasn’t just any regular sorbet. Made fresh on our table using liquid nitrogen, this dessert was a spectacle of its own, as you can witness through the series of pictures below.

Seiyuuzan 10.jpg
seiyuuzan 11.jpg
seiyuuzan 12.jpg
seiyuuzan 13.jpg
seiyuuzan 14.jpg

There you go, my wonderful dining experience at Seiyuuzan. We had the most elaborate course available so the price was over 10.000 yen. But they do have more reasonable courses and even lunch for 2000 yen.

Before I finish, a picture the of the restaurant’s ambiance to give you a feel of the place.

Seiyuuzan 15.jpg