The Singapore Seafood Republic


Address: TAKANAWA 3-13-3

Phone: +813-5449-8080



Chilli crab is one of my favorite dishes and do get a craving for it once in awhile. That is how I ended up at the Singapore Seafood Republic for lunch today.

seafood republic 1.jpg

This restaurant near the Shinagawa station is actually massive for Japanese standards. It is housed in a pretty white Singaporean-style house with its signature dark wooden windows and high ceilings. The interior is very cosy indeed.

seafood republic 2.jpg

They have a lunch menu set of chili or curry crab with a side order of rice or steamed buns. There is also the hainan chicken rice set, some stir fried noodles, laksa and fried rice. The chili crab set costs about 1850 yen while the noodle lunch is a little more on the cheaper side for about 850 yen.

seafood republic 3.jpg

I have to say that the chili crab wasn’t the freshest I’ve tasted but the sauce was quite good. Maybe next time I’ll go for dinner and try the larger special crabs.

For dessert we tried the fried banana and kue lapis which were really delicious.

seafood republic 4.jpg

I would recommend this restaurant if you have a big party since not that many restaurants in Japan can accommodate larger groups, and of course you should go for the chili crabs.