Ty Harbor



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I love this place. Been meaning to visit it since forever but somehow only got around to it yesterday. Everything about TV Harbor Brewery is perfect, the location on a river bank in the Shinagawa area is fabulous , prices are reasonable and most important of all, the food is really..really good.

ty harbor 1.jpg

It was a rather gloomy day when I visited yesterday, but the temperature was just perfect to sit outdoors on their terrace to enjoy our lunch. The lunch menu changes everyday and I found the choices to be very extensive. You have about 5 dish choices everyday and yesterday we ordered the steak, meat loaf and spaghetti. Their lunch menu seems to be a mix of international and Asian food. Dinner is a different menu and it mostly consists of steaks and burgers. Prices are very reasonable.

The spaghetti with mushroom, beef and onions had a delicious Asian taste to it.

ty harbor 2.jpg

The meat loaf with mushroom gravy had the perfect amount of mixture of beef and bread in it. I loved it.

ty harbor3.jpg

Meatloaf with mushroom gravy

What better way to enjoy our lunch than with some delicious beer. It is a brewery after all. I tried the special ale which had honey in it. I would have preferred the beer to be served a little colder but nothing much to complain about.

The set lunch comes with some delicious coffee pudding but we added a lovely pecan cake with banana gelato. Yummy.

ty harbor 4.jpg

Below are some more picture of the interior and views from the restaurant. The weather now would be the perfect time to visit and I heard they are very popular for brunch on weekends so make sure you have a reservation.

ty harbor 5.jpg

Interior of TY Harbor Brewery

ty harbor 6.jpg

View from the terrace