Abura Soba (Tokyo Aburagumi Souhonten Ginzagumi)


Soup Free Noodles

Ginza 6-12-16, Chuo,
Tokyo 104-0061

Phone: +813-3571-9311


Let me introduce you to my new favorite ramen! I visited their tiny restaurant in Ginza and fell immediately in love. Abura Soba’s noodles are different. They might call themselves soba but the noodles are actually from the ramen family and instead of the usual hot broth, they come lathered with different oils and sauces.


The restaurant only has 8 seats bar counter so there is usually a line outside but the waiting time is very short. You order your noodles from the machine at the entrance. Of course everything is encrypted in kanji so ask for an english menu, it is available. You have a choice of salty or spicy miso. I love the spicy miso and I add an extra half boiled egg to it. I then mix the noodles until they look like this…


Absolutely delicious!

Abura soba has a few outlets but the one in Ginza is just a block away from the main street and this is how the facade of the restaurant looks like.


A bowl of noodle with extra egg is about 1,000 yen. I am so in love!