Alluring Qu’il Fait Bon


Address: 2-4-5 GINZA, TOKYO

Phone: +813-5159-0605


Like a dangerous sirens serenade, I was lured into this pastry shop/cafe in a Ginza back alley one afternoon by its enchanting display of colorful tarts illuminated in a soothing yellow light. 


I simply could not resist the temptation and allowed myself to be shipwrecked into their cosy basement cafe, even enduring the 30 minute wait.


Their extensive menu made it difficult to decide what to get.


But I finally decided on the banana choco tart which looked absolutely mouth-watering, while my friends chose the nut caramel tart and the cream cheese cake


The banana choco tart

The nut caramel tart


At the end, we ended up adding a 4th slice which was the pear fruit tart, and let me tell you, all those slices were definitely worth the calories I will have to burn off tomorrow.