Bar Zingaro


To all Takashi Murakami Fans out there


Nakano Broadway 2F, Nakano 5-52-15, Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001


Bar Zingaro, located in the games and anime mecca call Nakano Broadway near Shinjuku might be a fun place to stop by for a cup of coffee or drinks

The bar is owned by the one and only Takashi Murakami, the famous Japanese contemporary artist known for his colorful art and collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

There are not that many options in the food menu but Bar Zingaro sells the famous Fuglen Coffee.

Bar Zingaro 1.jpg
Bar Zingaro 2.jpg

A Wide open entrance welcomes you and you will immediately be greeted by Murakami’s amazing artwork.

Bar Zingaro 3.jpg
Bar Zingaro 4.jpg

Here’s a view of the bar from all angles.

Bar Zingaro 5.jpg

A bouquet full of Kaikai Kiki,  Takashi Murakami’s signature flowers sits on the tables. How cute!

Bar Zingaro 6.jpg

And there are flowers everywhere you look. Sweets with the signature flower.

Bar Zingaro 7.jpg

And also biscuits designed with Kaikai Kiki on the frosting.

Bar Zingaro 8.jpg

A self portrait of Murakami himself with Kaikai Kiki in the background.

Bar Zingaro 9.jpg

And a Mr DoB doll sitting in a corner.

Bar Zingaro 10.jpg

Decorations on the bar counter. Those are Masu wooden boxes which are used to drink sake nowadays but used to be measuring tools for rice in the old days.

Bar Zingaro 11.jpg

I decided to try their twin burgers.  Burger on the right is filled with tofu, shiso and teriyaki sauce.

The Burger on the left is made of potato salad and avocado. Honestly they were just so-so.

Bar Zingaro 12.jpg

I’m a fan of ginger so I decided to try their flower ginger latte with of course flower art on top.

Bar Zingaro 13.jpg

I also tried the Flower coffee jelly with unexpected vanilla ice cream inside. Perfect to balance the bitter coffee jelly.

Overall, Bar Zingaro lives up to its motto. Coffee, drinks and art. So definitely come here for coffee, drinks and art. Food, not so much.

All this cost me around 3,000 yen.