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I’ve heard about this restaurant a lot but haven’t gotten the chance to visit for lunch until a few days ago. Daigo serves pricey ‘shojin ryori’ or ‘monk food’ which is basically vegetarian  dishes.

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And the feast of vegetarian delights started soon after. Tray after tray of beautifully arranged food arrived at our table. I wish I knew what everything was. The waitress did not speak English and had a hard time with explanations so I will leave you with these lovely pictures to devour.

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This last dish was a tummy comforting rice porridge with mushrooms that I loved.

And for dessert a savory sweet rock melon.

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Daigo may not become one of my most favorite restaurants in Tokyo, but that is due to my love of meat instead of the quality of food. My husband loved it and he will definitely return. Even if you are a meat lover like me, Daigo is definitely worth a visit.