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I don’t know why I haven’t written about this place sooner. I always bring my guests to this restaurant especially if they are first time visitors to Tokyo. The festive atmosphere and drama of this little traditional restaurant in Roppongi never disappoints.


Customers sit at a U-shaped counter facing an assortment of vegetables, beef and seafood beautifully displayed in front of them. Two male chef in traditional attire, sitting in the middle of all the lovely displays will then cook whatever you pick robatayaki (grilled) style. The red snapper is really good and is a ‘must try’.


The food is then handed over to you using an oar which is always fun to watch. The restaurant is always loud and festive with waiters screaming out and repeating every order you make. If you order cold sake which comes in a traditional sake box, the whole staff and guests will join in a chorus screaming “more…more….more” as they pour the sake into the box until it overflows.


At some point you may be asked to contribute in making some ‘mochi’ the traditional way which you will later feast on.

The ‘changing of the chefs’ which happens around 8 pm is always super fun. You will be asked to join in a series of claps to mark the change.


To summon things up, Inakaya is definitely touristy and overpriced (dinner may cost 15.000 yen per head) but it definitely never, ever, disappoints. I’ve been there a zillion times and still leave with a huge smile on my face.