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The name of this organic restaurant in Ebisu might be a little hard to remember, but in English it simply means “Farmer’s Kitchen”. I ended up in this cute, rustic little restaurant with a very interesting decor while looking for a vegan-friendly restaurant for my friend. 


It turns out, this restaurant is not necessarily vegetarian but more of an organic restaurant with Japanese organic farmers supplying food directly to them.


We arrived for lunch and were directed to a lovely table at what looks like an enclosed terrace area. A chandelier hung from the “ceiling” and we were surrounded by pots of tropical plants. The menu came in Japanese and the waiter did his best to explain our 3 choices of lunch dishes. I was surprised that there was not a vegetarian menu on the list. The choices were an omelette over rice with meat sauce, some meat loaf and a potato gratin with meat. I had to ask the waiter if the chef could make a vegetarian dish for my friend, which luckily he agreed to or else we would have had to move to another restaurant.

The salad that came as a starter was amazingly fresh with a simple and delicious sesame dressing.


I chose the omelette over rice with a touch of meat sauce. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t one of my best lunches either.


However, the sautéed potato and mushroom dish the chef cooked up for my friend was actually really good.


Dessert was a tiny bowl of chocolate mousse which wasn’t that bad either.


Well, turns out this restaurant wasn’t the vegetarian restaurant I expected it to be but my lunch wasn’t bad and at least everything I had was organically healthy !!!