The Innocent Carvery


Excellent raw beef specialties


Karuha Nishiazabu 101, Nishiazabu 1-4-28, Minato, Tokyo Prefecture, 106-0031


If you are looking for a restaurant that serves Japanese beef in a rather un-traditional manner then Innocent carvery might be interesting for you.

Innocent Carvery 22.jpg

Located in the Nishi Azabu area, the interior is clean with minimalist furniture and open white ceilings.

Innocent Carvery 21.jpg

There is a bar section where the chef cooks in front if you.

Innocent Carvery 20.jpg

As you enter the restaurant you are greeted by a display of assorted marbled beef that will definitely get your mouth watering.

Trois Fleches 4.jpg
Innocent Carvery 18.jpg

Before you start, various beefs from different areas in Japan such as Furano, Matsuzaka, Oumi, and Ozaki are presented. We chose the course menu but added some things on top of it.

Innocent Carvery 17.jpg

I found the apron and chopstick design quite interesting.

Innocent Carvery 16.jpg

Let’s begin with the food. As the first appetizer, this beef stew was served.

Innocent Carvery 15.jpg

Followed by a very delicious Tajima beef yukke.

Innocent Carvery 14.jpg

Some fresh salad in between.

Innocent Carvery 13.jpg

I would have to say that this is one of the best kimchi I’ve ever had. The Chinese cabbage is rolled so it looks like a big meatball.

Innocent Carvery 12.jpg

We move on to the meat with a plate of assorted tounge.

Innocent Carvery 11.jpg

The tongue is cooked in a foil above the grill, Not a common way to do it, but they said it’s important to keep the meat moist.

Innocent Carvery 10.jpg

You have a choice of dips to eat the tongue with. From left to right, lemon, salt and wasabi, garlic soy sauce, and fruit sauce.

Innocent Carvery 9.jpg

We picked the Chateaubriand from Niigata prefecture as our main meat dish.

Innocent Carvery 8.jpg

Followed by cuts of sirloin

Innocent Carvery 7.jpg

With ponzu and grated raddish

Innocent Carvery 6.jpg

Now this next dish was beyond imagination and something I have never tried before. A combination of raw meat (momoniku) with olive oil on a melon.

Innocent Carvery 5.jpg

The chef cuts the melon into small pieces and wraps it with the raw beef. Amazing!

Innocent Carvery 4.jpg

Garlic rice is always safe way to fill up the tummy. Taste great too.

Innocent Carvery 3.jpg

We were not full yet so we ordered something off the menu, raw tongue with truffle on top.

Innocent Carvery 2.jpg

And some beef balls.

Innocent Carvery 1.jpg

For dessert, like most other hip yakiniku places, they served shaved ice.

Overall I would say they have great quality beef. If you eat raw, most of the raw beef is excellent.  For yakiniku or grilled beef I would have to say that this is not even my top 10.

Price per person is about 20,000 yen.