Yakiniku Jumbo Hanare


Yakiniku Jumbo’s Premium Shop

Anritsu Bldg B1F-1F, Hongo 3-27-9, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113-0033

Phone: +81 3-5689-8705


Jumbo yakiniku Shirokane is still after so many years my favorite go-to yakiniku place in Tokyo. My comfort zone. Somewhere I always enter with an empty tummy and somewhere I always leave with a smile on my face. I have also written about it here in this blog, JUMBO YAKINIKU

So I was pretty excited when during our last trip to Tokyo, Afra insisted that if there was only one restaurant we had time to try it had to be Jumbo Hanare. Jumbo Hanare is fairly new compared to Jumbo Shirokane, they just opened 4 years ago, and was designed to be their speciality shop.

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It is essential that you book way in advance when planning a visit to Jumbo Hanare. The restaurant which sits in an assuming residential area is very small with only a few counter seats and a private room that can fit 6 people. Since we were a bigger group, we decided to book the private room and were lucky to get it.

Now to the food. The first plate to arrive had three different cuts of meat. If you look at the picture below, the lower part is tongue followed by Zabuton (which is a thin slice of beef from the shoulder part) and on top are slices of heart. The tongue and Zabuton of course were delicious, I have tried them before at Jumbo Shirokane and they do taste similar. The heart on the other hand I was a bit reluctant to try. I’m not even sure I’ve ever tried eating heart before but I have to say after giving it a go, it actually was pretty good.

Hanare 4.jpg

A waiter was there to cook every slice of beef to perfection with different timing for every slice and he would instruct you which sauce to dip it in.

Hanare 5.jpg

One of my favorite dishes at the Jumbo Shirokane is the Noharayaki. A thin slice of quality sirloin beef grilled and then dipped in raw egg. They have the same version here but I found the beef slices to be slightly thicker. It was however just as delicious.

hanare 6.jpg
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In between we had the beef sushi.

hanare 8.jpg

Next  came the thicker meat also grilled to perfection by the waiter.

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A wagyu rice dish came to follow and this I have never tried before. I was told you should order this dish beforehand as it takes time to make. I loved this dish, the only problem was that I was getting really full and only managed a few bites.

hanare 11.jpg

The last beef cut was the Chateaubriand. Thick and juicy but again, I was so full I think I only managed one slice. One very delicious slice. I was getting to a beef overdose at this point.

HANARE 12.jpg
HANARE 13.jpg
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There you go, that was the end of our plethora of beef dinner. When asked if they had any dessert, the waiter answered honestly that they are not known for their dessert and that we would be better off buying ice cream at the convenient store. Honesty is always appreciated.

It was a wonderful and delicious dinner. I would definitely go back.