MoonFlower Sagaya Ginza


Out of this world


PUZZLE Ginza 6F, Chuo 2-5-19, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061


Food meets Art is the theme of this post. If you’ve had the chance to visit teamLab’s exhibition in Odaiba or Toyosu  then you will probably have an idea on what you are getting into. teamLab‘s digital artwork which displays jaw dropping moving images is currently the hype in Tokyo.

Sagaya, a restaurant nestled in the Puzzle Building in Ginza that serves various dishes of Saga Beef bought some of teamLab’s artwork and dedicated a room to do a collaboration of digital art and magnificent food.

MoonFlower Sagaya 1.jpg

They offer a 12 course set menu which are all pictured below.

Yamawarau Omotesando 2.jpg

First up, a Foie Gras mousse with apple meringue. Fresh way to start.

Yamawarau Omotesando 3.jpg

Then, a Porcini mushroom & chestnut croquette.

MoonFlower Sagaya 4.jpg

Followed by a Shrimp & lily bulb flan.

At this point the room turned into a brilliant blue that made us feel like we were diving in the ocean.

Yamawarau Omotesando 5.jpg

Grilled scallop was our first “ under the sea” dish.

Yamawarau Omotesando 6.jpg

Followed by the “Yuuan style” steamed red snapper.

The whole room then turned into a running stream.

MoonFlower Sagaya 7.jpg

A Saga beef cutlet sandwich arrived with cold pickles. This dish was amazing but I secretly wished they would have toasted the bread.

Yamawarau Omotesando 8.jpg

The highlight was a Saga beef sirloin sukiyaki style dish served with white truffle while the background music and room theme turn into a waterfall. This is definitely their signature dish and it is my highlight of the whole course.

Yamawarau Omotesando 9.jpg

Then the room turned into a bamboo forest to give you a Japanese feel.

Yamawarau Omotesando 10.jpg

Next course was a Cappeletti ravioli made with Matsutake mushroom and chicken.

MoonFlower Sagaya 11.jpg

The room turned into a field full of flowers with soothing music as the background.

MoonFlower Sagaya 12.jpg

Next came a Grilled Saga Beef Fillet Mignon with rice and seasonal mushroom risotto.

MoonFlower Sagaya 13.jpg

This is when a magical full moon appears and shines over the room.

For dessert they served a Sagaya Style Wafer sandwich known as “Monaka”, a Japanese traditional dessert.

MoonFlower Sagaya 15.jpg

Followed with Vanilla ice cream as its main dessert with seasonal fruits.

Lastly, the seasonal dessert is Ureshino green tea & a petit tea cake.

Price wise, it will be reasonable to dine in a number of 8 because regardless of the number of people the minimum charge for the room is 200.000 yen.

I have to say this dinner was really out of this world amazing.