Shabu-Shabu Yamawarau Omotesando


For each their own pot


BCG Omotesando Property 2F, Jingumae 4-9-4, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001

Yamawarau Omotesando 1.jpg

When you happen to be strolling around Omotesando and find yourself in the mood for shabu2, this would be the place to go to.

Yamawarau Omotesando 2.jpg

What makes this shabu2 restaurant somewhat different is that each patron gets their own pot so you don’t have to worry about your friend‘s dietary requirements or someone stealing your meat. Joke. But it does happen.

Yamawarau Omotesando 3.jpg

Even in their private room you will get your own individual pots.

They even have a private room, normally when its a table it will be one pot, but this place has 4 different pots.

Yamawarau Omotesando 4.jpg

In the course, you can choose an appetizer from a few options, I picked the chawan mushi (steamed egg).

Yamawarau Omotesando 5.jpg

The chilled tomato also looked interesting so I made an additional order outside the course.

Yamawarau Omotesando 6.jpg

The shabu-shabu broth is kelp based or also known as konbu.

Yamawarau Omotesando 7.jpg

What truly makes this shabu2 restaurant special is that they serve a series of different beefs. Matsuzaka 40g, Yonezawa 40g, Kobe 40g, and they mixed it with 3 slices of lean beef all from Yamagata.

Yamawarau Omotesando 8.jpg

Like every shabu2 course there are vegetables to balance the meat overload.

Yamawarau Omotesando 9.jpg

Pictured here are the sauces. On the left is the ponzu sauce, on the right the sesame sauce. Sesame sauce is actually healthier even though it looks rich.

Yamawarau Omotesando 10.jpg

Last but not least, the Kuzukiri, a japanese traditional dessert. Noodles made out of kuzu powder jelly that you dip into liquid brown sugar called kuromitsu. And of course a cup of tea on the right side to neutralize.

The price for this course is 6.800 yen for dinner. Lunch is half price. The quality is good, the place is very new and chic. It was a good quick ‘cook yourself’ dinner.